“Thoughts Left Unspoken” is an art show comprised of new & some very old art pieces.  These are works that were unfinished when their original shows were hung, just seedlings of ideas, or just never saw the light of day by the public. However, these pieces continue to have an energy for me that makes me need to share them now. Those thoughts still need to speak/show, even now.



The Hands are a metaphor for the treatment of other people, along with representing the dichotomy of hands; that of left and right. Hands that are mine and hands that are others.  There are hands that will Love and Hands that will inflict pain. Hands that create and hands that destroy. Hands that will reach for you and hands that will let go. When another’s hands; inflict pain, destroy you, and let you go…When those hands that are supposed to protect you, comfort you, love you…


By our hands, our work speaks.